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2020 Horse Show Information

is coming soon...........

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  choose from the list to the left                            May 23 & 24, 2020

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                                                                                June 5, 6 & 7, 2020


                                                                            Mark your calendars!

***Note: Shows in Red Print are Tentative

Deadline for shows to affiliate is March 28th This document will be updated as shows affiliate. Thank you***

***Please note *** 2 Classes have been added for year end awards!! 

1- Pony Division - Reg. Hackney Harness Pony 

2 - Equitation Division - Adult 18 yrs & over W/T E/W

Clarification for Adult Walk Trot - Equitation - Rider not permitted to canter and Pleasure - Horse is not permitted to canter

Please click above to open information .... complete the membership application using the list of classes available for you and your horse - points will be tallied for year end awards.


The 2020 RWB show schedule is coming soon! ...

The 2020 ICHA Triple Point show schedule is coming soon!...


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